St Paul Candidates

This is the Saint Paul City GOP’s Candidates Page. All the candidates that are listed below will be endorsed by their respective House and Senate District bpous. Non-endorsed Candidates will not be listed.  Some endorsed candidates who do not adhere to the Republican Party of Minnesota’s Platform may not be posted here.

The Endorsed Candidate Links and their Campaign Contact information will be listed as well as the legislative boundary map links.

The future St Paul Candidates will be the ones who are endorsed in the House and Senate Districts of 64, 65, 66, and 67.

City of Saint Paul

Wards and Precincts Map of Saint Paul

St Paul Wards & Precincts with Polling Places 2013


House District 64A

Legislative Map of HD 64A:

House District 64B

Legislative Map for HD 64B:

Senate District 65

Legislative Map for SD 65:

House District 65A

Legislative Map for HD 65A:

House District 65B

Legislative Map for HD 65B:


Senate District 66

Legislative Map of SD 66:

Minnesota Senate District 66



House District 66A 

 (HD 66A includes a few precincts of the City of St Paul–Ward 5 Precinct 1, Ward 4 Precinct 2, and Ward 4 Precinct 11)

Legislative Map of HD 66A:

House District 66B

Legislative Map of HD 66B:

Senate District 67

Legislative Map for SD 67:

Minnesota Senate District 67


House District 67A

Legislative Map for 67A:


House District 67B

Legislative Map for HD 67B:

Congressional District 4 Representative

The next Endorsed Candidate for Congressional District 4 will be in 2016. However the work begins now to find the next one.  It could be you.

Governor of Minnesota

The next Endorsed Republican Candidate will be chosen, barring any recall, in 2018. Though the Candidates will probably start appearing in 2017.

US Senate MN Seat

The next US Senate Endorsed Candidate will be chosen in 2018 to most likely to run against Amy Klobuchar (aka Amy Klo-petters) the DFL incumbent.

MN Attorney General

The next Endorsed Republican Attorney General Candidate will run in 2018.

MN State Auditor

The next Endorsed Republican MN State Auditor Candidate will be in 2018.

MN Secretary of State

The next Endorsed Republican MN Secretary of State will be in 2018.

MN Supreme Court Justice, MN Court of Appeals, MN District Court

Justices are elected in even years, and terms are 6 years for each.  If all Republicans were to flip the ballot and vote for the Endorsed Republican Candidate, the court system could be more conservative and less judicial activism would happen.