Meet Endorsed Republican Candidate for HD 67B, John Quinn

The following was copied from John Quinn’s website  The St Paul Republican City Committee posted this as a courtesy to the candidate.  John Quinn is a SPRCC delegate of Ward 7.  John talks about the company he works for in the short video below, the SPRCC does not endorse or advocate for the company John Quinn works for, it is your free will that will decide if you need that service from that company.  ~~ Publius Jr.

On the campaign trail, John Quinn is easily spot while he wears his tri-corner hat.

On the campaign trail, John Quinn is easily spotted when he wears his tri-corner hat.

John was born on November 2, 1956 at St. Joseph’s hospital of St. Paul and lived on the eastside of St. Paul during his childhood years. He attended Van Buren Elementary School, Mounds Park Junior High, and Harding High School. After high school he enlisted in the Navy and spent 24 years building ships at the Bath Iron Works.  After living in Maine, he moved back to the East Side of St. Paul to the same house he grew up in to take care of his mother.

He has always believed in and stood for the U.S. Constitution and belongs to a constitutional study group. He is also a member of the Freedom First Society, and believes in Life, Liberty, and Property.

When is the erosion of jobs of good jobs in St Paul going to stop?  Where factories once stood, today only vacant land remains.” — John Quinn (from

He currently works for Rove Pest Control and controls pests daily. He now says he wants to go to the State Capitol and control the pests there.

The video below was from his 2012 Campaign for Minnesota HD 67B.

St Paul used to be a people’s town…now it is bureaucrats…

When we went out to listen to John Quinn at the numerous candidate forums in 2012, we saw how John Quinn is a Champion of Freedom for all who live in HD 67B.  He is quite knowledgeable of the issues that affect East Siders, and how we need a new voice in the legislature that will speak for all voters and residents in the HD 67B area.

Just say no to the Status Quo (Sheldon Johnson) and enlist with John Quinn.

For more information in how to help, or to volunteer your time please contact John Quinn at

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