Dr Ben Carson: How Healthcare Should Work

We’ve heard a lot of back and forth on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka “Obamacare,” which likens back to Governor Mitt Romney’s Healthcare Plan in Massachusetts.  Some Republicans say, “Repeal and Replace,” while others say tweak it.  Some say Republicans don’t have a plan, so Continue reading

34th Annual Hmong Sports Festival Results (2014)

The 34th Annual Hmong Sports Festival is held in conjunction with the Hmong Freedom Festival which is held every year on the first weekend in July.  We wanted to post the Results of the last two years along with this Continue reading

Help CD4 GOP Candidate Sharna Wahlgren Get 100,000 Likes on Facebook

The Endorsed Republican Candidate for the 4th Congressional District in Minnesota, Sharna Wahlgren needs your help.  We try to help endorsed candidates who support the Republican Party of Minnesota’s Platform.  Though as with all material from other sites or newsletters it Continue reading