2014 Minnesota Debates Jeff Johnson and Mike McFadden


To make it easier to locate the debates that the Governor and the US Senate Candidates Jeff Johnson and Mike McFadden respectively, we have located the links to those debates in one article that will remain at the top of our Continue reading

3rd Debate Jeff Johnson vs Mark Dayton in Duluth, MN October 14, 2014

Here is the 3rd Debate between Mark Dayton and Jeff Johnson.  Hannah Nicollet the IP Candidate was not invited to this debate.  Though we know what she is about: End the Corporate Tax, Legalize Marijuana for recreational use, and free Continue reading

Victory Starts with You, Get Off the Bench and Help at a Victory Center

Here is a note we just received from Daniel Surman the director of the Republican Oakdale Victory Center. It is the closest St Paul Victory Center. ~~ Publius Jr. You helped identify thousands of Republicans in the last six months. Continue reading

Jeff Johnson Speaks Out Against Dayton’s “War on Women Business Owners”

This is a video posted on YouTube by The Uptake.  The video is from Sept 12, 2014, it shows childcare providers who are opposed to Governor Dayton’s unionization plan of Childcare Workers.  It is just outside of Governor Dayton’s temporary office Continue reading

2nd Debate Jeff Johnson Confronts Dayton on his Record

The following is posted and it is not associated with any candidate or candidate’s committee, CD4 Republicans, nor RPMN.  We’re posting it so you can make up your mind who is the best candidate.  We’ll list some highlights below the Continue reading