Meet HD 65B Republican Endorsed Candidate Anthony “Tony” Athen

Anthony "Tony" Athen was endorsed by the HD 65B Republicans on March 22, 2014

Anthony “Tony” Athen was endorsed by the HD 65B Republicans on March 22, 2014

Tony was raised in Inver Grove Heights in a blue collar, middle class family with deep St Paul roots.  He has been a resident of Minnesota for over 45 years, choosing to live in Lowertown in St Paul after spending 5 years in Iraq as a civilian contractor for the US Department of State and the US Department of Defense.  He was a police officer in Minnesota for more than 16 years.  He and his wife are avid travelers, volunteer in their community, and contribute to the arts.

HD 65B area takes in Holman Field, the airport near Downtown St Paul.  Tony is an aircraft enthusiast and has been a member of Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), and the Commemorative Air Force, South Saint Paul, MN Wing which can only help the businesses that rely upon the airport.

He has a number of interesting experiences from all the organizations that he has served as a member or a leader in.  We’ll revisit those in future articles.

Here are some things that Tony Athen wants to concentrate on when he gets elected to represent all of the constituents in the Minnesota House District 65B:

  • promote and support laws which make the tax code more streamlined and efficient; by changing it so it does not reward, penalize or subsidize behavior or personal choices

  • promote and support laws that keep government focused on its legitimate purposes and limit its size and reach.

  • promote and support laws that create and improve the climate for businesses to start, grow and hire based on free market principles.

If you would like to contact Tony to help with his campaign by contributing to his campaign with money and or with your time, contact him at

“God’s Not Dead,” the movie opens March 21, 2014

A movie based upon the book by Rice Broocks opens in theaters on March 21, 2014

A movie based upon the book by Rice Broocks opens in theaters on March 21, 2014

There are a number of Judeo-Christian movies hitting theaters in 2014,  the most notable is, “God’s Not Dead,” which is also a hit song by the Christian Rock group, The Newsboys.  It is a story that stars Minnesota actor, Kevin Sorbo, who portrays a professor of philosophy at a university who tells his students to just accept the fact that God is a myth.  One student, a born again Christian, decides to challenge him to this claim. 

Unfortunately this movie is not based on fiction, but it plays out at major universities all around the world.  Your son, or daughter, may be targets for professors, student groups, and or off-campus political groups that teach, cajole, and terrorize Students of Faith.  University administrators seem to let it take place, this accepted bullying practice, all in the name of academic freedom that tenured professors enjoy.  This movie is based upon the book by Rice Broocks, “God’s Not Dead: Evidence for God in an age of Uncertainty.”  (Author Rice Broocks, in the link, interviews Kevin Sorbo about his faith).

If you would like to see this movie please click God’s Not Dead in Minnesota.  It shows other states too. Here is the trailer to the movie.

Pcell Technology will Bring much needed Tech to Grassroots organizations

The Minnesota Special Election of SD 66 in April of 2011 brought ideas out that if the right kind of technology was available, the grassroots effort may have been more successful than it was.  The SD 66 Republican Candidate Greg Copeland had to rely upon the Republican Party of Minnesota to supply maps of Republican voters, so Greg could door knock and find yard sign placements.  The field director for CD4/ CD6 would not give out the maps ahead of time so that when Greg ran through a list, one of his assistants had to run back to the MN GOP HQ for another list.  This was a waste of time and it occurred during a chilly Winter/ Spring period.

At the start of the campaign in March 2011 there was a transition period of CD4 Chairs from Bev Aplikowski to Jim Carson, the first two weeks of the month long campaign Bev was in charge and the remaining time it was Jim Carson.  The CD4 Chairs did not know the area very well so Jim Carson decided, without asking the candidate about the area, to blanket the area around the portion of SD 66 that had Falcon Heights (this is a densely packed DFL area).  He did not discriminate as to which party his people put literature out at so there were a number of DFLers that got wind that a Republican was running in their area and they came out in droves to make sure Greg Copeland didn’t win.  It is certainly odd that Greg got less votes with Jim Carson’s help than when he ran without it in November 2010.

This is one reason why the Personal Cell Tower Technology aka Pcell is much anticipated.  Grassroots operatives will be able to access a database that their party uses and be able to make digital maps of areas, make meeting points in which they can rally to deliver lit, and to make intricate notes about people they’ve just talked to on a tablet or Pcell phone while door knocking.  The top down clunky campaigning will be over.

We envision a net-centric kind of campaigning for public office.  In fact one could be directing people from hundreds of miles away to efficiently coordinate a campaign’s efforts.  Net-Centric Campaigning could make large staffs at the State Parties a thing of the past.

Pcell technology will allow Grassroots Activism to grow beyond the establishment’s stranglehold of the party.

Here is a video that explains the technology from the website

Black American History Article Category Added

February is always Black American History Month.   Here at the St Paul Republican City Committee (SPRCC) website we have posted a number of articles that are uplifting, inspirational, and encouraging to people who need  someone to look up to.  However we didn’t get as many articles as we did last year (2013 Black American History Articles Index) inside the course of 5 weeks (we added the first week of March, because February was so short).  So I have decided to add an article category, “Black American History,” and we can add articles of interest to the 2014 Black American History Index as the year progresses.  You can see the category just below the title of an article.  ~~ Publius Jr.

2014 Black American History Index

We want to make it easier for people to find interesting stories about Great Black Americans.  I thought that I wouldn’t retrace my steps on the articles that I’ve already written, so next year, 2015, there will be new stories of Great Black Americans…and another article index for 2015 and so on.

Enjoy!  ~~Publius Jr.


Philip Reid, freed while working on the Statue of Freedom

Jean Baptiste Point Du Sable, Founder of Chicago

North Pole Discoverer: Matthew Henson

Oscar Micheaux: The Czar of Black Hollywood

Elbert Guillory: “Why I am a Republican”

Walter “Sweetness” Payton, Athlete and Humanitarian

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